Mackenzie Pringle

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Square Roots


Brand Identity, Packaging

Square Roots is a technology-enabled indoor farming company with a mission to deliver responsibly grown, local, fresh food to more people in cities around the world, all year round.

Each climate-controlled farm is designed with sustainability in mind, growing produce inside refurbished shipping containers with less resources and land use compared to conventional field farms. By situating farms in cities, Square Roots is able to reduce the supply chain and help minimize food waste.

In a challenging category known to promote greenwashing, over-promising, and outright lies, Square Roots aims to cut through the B.S. and keep things simple, straightforward, and honest.

In order to successfully tell their story, Square Roots needed an ownable brand voice, design, and packaging system. Collins was invited to define the new experience, and help push the company to become an even stronger leader in food, wellness and technology.

Working closely with the Square Roots team, we identified opportunities to evolve the brand strategy, and developed a refreshed brand system featuring a custom wordmark, graphic photogram treatment, and a vertical label orientation that serves as a nod to Square Roots’ beginnings in vertical farming.

The holistic brand experience celebrates how Square Roots bridges technology and nature; balancing technical rigor with food love, and inspiring the next generation of farming.

Collins team: Brian Collins, Allison Solomson, Michael Taylor, Mackenzie Pringle, Meg Farmer, Emily Sneddon, Madeleine Carrucan, Niamh Walsh

Square Roots team: Tobias Peggs, Raji Margolin, Rachel Winnal, Mariana Gorn