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Brand Identity

Mos is a fintech company founded by human-rights activist Amira Yahyaoui on a mission to tear down all financial barriers between students and their opportunity.

Through personalized 1:1 support, Mos advocates work closely with students to help them navigate the financial aid landscape and secure the most amount of aid available. In addition, Mos provides access to financial literacy tools, offers a debit card designed specifically for students, and supports a growing community that shares a belief in pursuing higher education.

In a category rife with scams and gimmicks, Mos needed a distinct brand strategy and identity system capable of signaling trust without feeling too generic or falling victim to category tropes. On top of these challenges, the system needed to be user-friendly, and accessible to both students and their parents.

Collins was invited to partner with Mos and help define a new brand experience for the company. After working closely with the core team and students alike, we discovered a series of brand opportunities capable of celebrating Mos’ core values, and setting them apart from the growing number of suspicious financial aid websites targeting students online.

The resulting brand identity champions Mos’ role as a relentless guide on behalf of students. The system includes a custom wordmark inspired by collegiate typography, distinct photography style based on heroic portraits of students, and a flexible ‘one-size-fits-none’ approach to illustration that allows for multiple styles and expressions.

Taken together, the new brand system is flexible, user-friendly, and ownable—loud when it needs to be and relaxed when it doesn’t.

Collins team:
Karin Fyhrie
Ben Crick
Michael Taylor
Christine Takaichi
Mackenzie Pringle

Mos team:
Amira Yahyaoui
Zoe Shewer
David Zhang
Oliver Hsu
Clara Tudela
Emi Tabb
Adrienne Young